Solve your intercultural management problems :

distribute tailor-made intercultural e-learning training to as many of your team-members as possible.

Boost your teams’ performance !



Christine Collin is a specialist in intercultural management and an expert in international trade. After analysing your needs, she will devise a tailor-made E-Learning course to meet your professional training objectives, so that you can manage your multicultural teams and communicate and negotiate more effectively with your Japanese and foreign partners.

BiZen Conseil has designed an innovative E-learning course to develop your employees’ intercultural skills and soft skills.

The BiZen Conseil method, based on neuroscience, is specially designed to help your employees memorise intercultural training and develop soft skills.

The training content is structured around a common thread to help you manage, change or resolve communication problems with foreign employees or partners.

To ensure that this training provides a real return on investment, we have designed games to stimulate your commitment and exercises to capture your attention.

Manage the international management of your multicultural team or communication with your foreign partners thanks to professional E-learning training that develops self-confidence, encourages autonomy and improves stress management.

To help your collaborators improve their skills and soft skills in intercultural communication or to communicate and negotiate more effectively with your Japanese or foreign partners :